Blink will be back after the break.

Blink originally launched as a way for me to teach myself to code; before the great (free) online resources like Free Code Camp were polished and developed, and before I had been able to attend tech and code meetups, like the ones run by IntraCity Geeks. Since I started learning how to code in 2013, Blink has gone through three name changes, five major redesigns, six panic attacks, countless sleepless nights, and over one thousand unique users. It's been a great experiment, and I can't thank any one of you enough.

But now, it's time to do it all over again.

Registration for Blink will be closed until further notice. This isn't an end, rather, the beginning of the full utilization of my design and code abilities: seeing what happens when I push myself to my total limits. Blink was a great dent to the local community, but now it's time to take a swing at something bigger. Something better. Blink will be coming back, full-swing, with revolutionary and groundbreaking features; features that have never been done before, and, until I'm done with them, features that I'm keeping top-secret. If you already have a Blink account, nothing will change. You can still log in, post, and interact. If you haven't made a Blink account yet, you can send us your e-mail and hear the second we're ready for you.

It's been an amazing, emotional, and fun three years-- now let's make something great.

Thanks for sticking with us,
Reece Franklin, Blink

Click here to let me know you want to stay in the loop, or if you have any features you really wanna see.

Not Convinced? Give us a minute.

Blink is cram-packed with features to make your life easier.


Your SmartBar is a place for everything you. It's always sitting at the side of the page, waiting for you to get a notification, message, or friend request. What's more, it loads in profiles, searches, and anything else you want to see-- meaning you never have to leave the comfort of your homepage. Take that, Facebook users!